About Me


My name (yes, Rowena - not Rowayna or Raveena) is supposed to mean ‘fame’ and ‘joy’. Well, I’m not famous yet ;) but sure hope I come across as cheerful :)

I’m a true-blue Madrasi ( Chennaite?? ..Naah!), who packed my bags and shop (he, just kidding), tied the knot and travelled across the stormy seas & desert to the great (and er, dusty) state of Kuwait. Life’s full of interesting things so be sure that if anything appeals to me, it’ll be on my blog. I’m making a resolution of atleast four posts a week and when I run out of things to say, watch out for that video! 

Interests: playing my guitar, worship, catholic spirituality, watching good action or romantic comedy movies(old timers are the best!) and cooking only hubby’s favourites.

Right now am working at home and sometimes driving myself up the wall. But thanks to God who puts my feet on solid ground!