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Another Andy Park favourite

Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord - Andy Park
This is the year of the favour of the Lord!

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Change me on the inside

Since I heard a sample of this song, I’ve been searching for it over the net. Found it on along with other cool songs…enjoy! 
Note: Wait for the player to appear on the page and play. It takes 3-5 seconds.

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Wow, what a guitarist!

Need I say more?

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Monk theme song on the ukulele

Came upon this video when I was looking out for some of the latest episodes of  Monk on YouTube. I feel the song sounds much better on this than on the guitar (of which there are more videos)…it looks kinda cute too

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The latest song from Andy Park


Andy Park is one of my favourite worship leaders. About 10 years ago, he had come to Chennai for a worship that time, I wasn’t familiar with “The River is Here” but people all around started clapping & got into the groove. Dad was with me and he thoroughly enjoyed it too. Many of [...]

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Pillow Talk

Saw this movie a few days back. A must see, with witty dialogues and hilarious situations. A great romantic comedy, Rock Hudson at his usual best - charming the ladies , and Doris Day. The other 2 films I’ve seen them in are Lover Come Back (quite similar to Pillow Talk) and Send me no [...]

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